Art Can Boost Productivity

A new survey by research firm Perspectus Global finds that 69% of employees believe “interesting and visually striking art” in the workplace contributes to their wellbeing.

The finding is based on responses by 3,250 UK workers required to work in the office from two to four days a week.

But, when it comes to workplace ambiance, many offices are disappointing.

Over 60% of the workers surveyed said they are dissatisfied with the atmosphere of their workplaces. Over 40% said their offices are “poorly designed” and 37% said their offices were “uncomfortable.”

Employers could improve employee morale–and boost productivity in the bargain—by purchasing art and decorating their offices with it.

A separate study by workplace design firm Identity Realization showed that decorating offices with art boosted productivity by 17%.

Above: Red Rose. Oil on canvas. 11 x 14 inches. Available here.