Blazing Palettes

All things have been given to us for a purpose, and an artist must feel this more intensely.

― Jorge Luis Borges

Covid-19 is killing people who haven’t caught it.

I just read the lament of a colleague whose out-of-work client committed suicide last week. That man won’t be included in the Covid-19 body count.

I feel—not without guilt—lucky to be an artist, because my life’s purpose is firm.

And, like every other artist, I know how to leverage the “bad stuff.” I insert it in my work.

“Social Distancing.” Oil on canvass. 16 x 12 inches.

“All that happens to us,” Borges said, “including our humiliations, our misfortunes, our embarrassments, all is given to us as raw material, as clay, so that we may shape our art.”

“The blazing fire makes flame and brightness out of everything thrown into it,” Marcus Aurelius said.

As does the blazing palette.

Take good care of yourself and your friends and family.

Mask up and blaze on!

Above: Picasso’s Palette