Key to a Longer Life

A new study by University College London finds adults live longer when they go to art museums, fairs, and galleries.

Researchers tracked 7,000 adults 50+ over a 14-year period.

They found that men and women who took in art at least once a year enjoyed a 14% lower risk of dying than men and women who didn’t.

Men and women who took in art more frequently enjoyed an even lower risk of dying: 31%.

The researchers attributed 40% of the longevity advantage to three factors: community involvement, mobility, and cognition.

They attributed the other 60% of the longevity advantage to finding, through art, a purpose in life.

Put simply, looking at art provides adult men and women not only social engagement, exercise, and aesthetics, but meaning.

So what can you conclude from this research?

A painting a day keeps the Grim Reaper away.

So shop now—like your life depended on it.